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4-11-14:  The last day of school will be June 12, 2014.

3-19-14:  The school make-up day for March 18th is Friday, June 13th, which is also the last day of school.


Make-Up Days for Traditional-Calendar Schools

Snow Day Make-up Day
January 28 Monday, February 17
January 29 Friday, March 28
January 30 Monday, April 21
January 31 Wednesday, June 11
February 12 ***see below
February 13 ***see below
February 14 ***see below
March 4 June 12

***The district will make up for the Feb. 12-14 snow days by cancelling the Early Release on Friday, March 7 (making it a full school day) and using banked instructional time in the schedule to meet the state mandated minimum of 1,025 hours of instruction.***



Welcome to a new look for our website.  We hope you find it more convenient and easier to navigate.  A new exciting feature for us is on the right hand side.  Please scroll over and down to take a look at the live Google calendar to see our ever-changing calendar of events!  As you navigate around, please let us know if you have further questions.  As always, we are available by calling 919-466-1466.  We hope you enjoy the ease of this new site.

Mostly, we welcome you to our school! Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment that will challenge and inspire all students. Our staff recognizes the unique gifts of each child. We nurture the whole student through high expectations, differentiated instruction, and inquiry based learning.